Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rebecca Gets Married

My co-worker, Pat, asked me to make a doll for her daughter-in-law to be, Rebecca, for a shower gift. Pat is the keeper of the wedding gown, so she let me sneak a look. I took some pictures and made some sketches. The doll body is from a Mary Tressler pattern. Here is the finished doll.

Colleen the Green Goddess

Colleen visited our March doll club meeting. I was so happy to see her, especially since I have been using the clay over cloth technique she taught at Day with Dolls. Our assignment was to bring the finished doll from the heads we worked on in the February meeting. I brought with me for show and tell my Frida Kahlo doll and an unnamed doll.

Coincidentally, my doll who had not revealed her name to me looked alot like Colleen! With her permission, I named the doll Coleen the Green Goddess.

My new favorites...

Last summer at a Day With Dolls, a lovely and vibrant woman named Colleen demonstrated a technique for making paper clay over cloth doll faces. I was a bit shy, and just watched, but didn't participate at the time. I did take her instruction sheet home, and filed it away.

But I was never quite satisfied with my needlesculpted faces. They all tended to come out looking the same. This January, I started experimenting with clay over cloth. I loved the results. The clay gave me more control and is very forgiving. If I don't like it, I just take it off and try again. Coincidentally, in February, Maria and Stephanie gave a class in clay over cloth with cloth overlay at doll club, which extremely helpful in refining the technique.

"I dream of Africa", "My Funny Valentine" and "Jill Scott Bless My House" are my new favorite dolls. They are one of a kinds using a modified Culea body and paperclay over cloth heads.