Sunday, May 1, 2011

Alter Egos Class at Cultured Expressions Studio

Thank you Lisa Sheppard Stewart of Cultured Expressions for hosting the Alter Egos Doll Class! I had a blast and I hope my students did too. Thank you Joan N, Joan "Always", Josie, Sondra, Tanya MontQ, Diane, Jackie and Nathasha for making it such an enjoyable experience! And don't forget to email me photos of your finished dolls!

Opening Night - Embracing the Orishas at Yema Gallery

From the top: Artist/Drummer Geraldine Gaines; Jody Leight; Shirley Panton-Benjamin; Rahmon Olugunna (artist not shown); Toni Thomas (artist/curator) with artist/drummer Mansa Mussa; Lynn Presley; Bisa Washington (artist not shown); Janice Anderson; Adrienne Wheeler; Toni Thomas with son, Justin; Yemaja Altar (Janice Anderson); Elegua/Esh Elegbara (Janice Anderson)