Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Catfish Friday Presents: Mujer/Woman

Catfish Friday Women's Artist Collective Exhibit for Newark Open Doors, September 24, 2010. 1. Janice Anderson (me!); 2. Lynn Presley; 3.Nancy Michielle Martinez (mi prima!); 4. Adrienne Wheeler, Gladys Grauer, Bisa Washington. 5. Sadee Brathwaite; 6. Shonda Nicholas; 7. Adrienne Wheeler; 8. Rear: Malcolm King (poet); Toni Thomas; Janice Anderson; Elaine Lee (poet); Aura Highsmith; Front - Shonda Nicholas (photographer/poet); Lynn Presley; Gladys Grauer; Aura Highsmith; Bisa Washington; Sadee Brathwaite. Photos by ToKz Adesanya. Not shown: Jody Lee, Ujima Majeed, Krystle Lemonias, Terry Body, Kathleen Heron, Lorena La Grassa.

My first experiences as a "co-curator". Mujer/Woman is an art exhibition about anything that represents women, from what a woman does, to the way she looks, how she smells, acts, dances, walks and talks. Whoever she is, wherever she is, all aspects of women are explored. The artists in this exhibition represent all realms of what a woman represents from fantasy to realistic; from conceptual to iconic whatever can be imagined or conceived about women were be explored in this exhibition. Special thanks to Catfish Friday founder/curator Toni Thomas, and to featured artists Sadee Brathwaite, Adrienne Wheeler and Kathleen Heron for their artist vision and assistance hanging the show.

Catfish Friday, Women’s Art Collective is a growing community of women artists in visual and literary arts. The collective began in 2007 in Newark, NJ and has grown to include women across the Northeast and the Caribbean. Catfish Friday strives to create community among women artists in a supportive, non-competitive environment providing critique for works-in-progress and career building workshops and opportunities. For more information visit our website:, or write Catfish Friday is a program of ARTSETC,