Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Images from Catfish Friday, the Exhibit

Having a good time at the exhibit; Shenita & me, Crystal & me, LaShay & me, Josh, Kelly & me again; Everybody; Mixed media artist Bisa Washington with "Rough, Dry and Nappy" (left) and "Double-Ended Promise" (right) by Ade Tugbiyele Sedita (not shown); Artist/Curator Toni Thomas with poet Esther Morales.

LaShay with mixed media artist/gallery owner Ade Sedita; the Eyeshadow Series with artist Diana Jensen, shown; poet Esther Morales; poet Elaine Lee (left "The Gift" by Gladys Grauer, not shown and right "Double-Ended Promises"by Ade Sedita).

Artist/Curator Toni Thomas with "Mermaid West" (acrylic on fabric with quilting) and "Mermaid Observing Wolf", mixed media on paper; performance by poet Esther Morales; artist Sadee Brathwaite with "Private Conversations", oil on canvas; LaShay with Auntie Joan.

"Private Conversations" by Sadee Brathwaite; my "kids" Josh & Kelly; LaShay with Auntie Gillian.

Earthlocz Spirit Dolls #5 and #6 - cloth, paperclay, acrylic.

The opening was a huge success – the art of Sadee Brathwaite, Mary Baldwin, Gladys Grauer, Diana Jensen, Tara Lamount, Toni Thomas, Ade Tugbiyele Sedita and Bisa Washington was phenomenal – the spoken word art of Esther Morales and Elaine Lee pulled it all together and made our spirits soar in Spanish and English! The guests were delightful. I am so gratified and humbled to have been included in a circle of such warm, accomplished, energetic and spiritually generous women. Please visit my new sidebar, Catfish Friday and Friends, for more on these visual artists.

Special thanks to Ade Sedita of Newark Art Supply for inviting us to share her gallery space (and for her kind encouragement to me over the last year), and to Toni Thomas for curating the exhibit (and for pushing me out into the deep water). You put everything together so smooth, you make it look easy (and I know it ain’t).

Also, thanks to my family/friends, Kelly & Josh, Shenita, Crystal & Co. (Crystal, your design of my postcards is off the chain!), Joan, Gillian, and of course, LaShay, my starchild who works the room as only she can. I love you all!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CATFISH FRIDAY, THE EXHIBIT - July 7 through 31, 2008


Contact: Toni Thomas Contact: Newark Art Supply
Phone: 973-699-3269 Phone: 973-230-2828
Email: tthomas743@aol.com Email: info@newarkartsupply.com

Arts E.T.C. and Newark Art Supply proudly present Catfish Friday, the exhibit.
This exhibit features the work of women artists who participate in the women artists support group called Catfish Friday. Catfish Friday is the brainchild of Newark artist Toni Thomas. Each month for the past six months women artists from Newark and surrounding communities from New Jersey and New York have come together to share, discuss, and critique their art. This exhibit highlights the diverse, artistic explorations
of this very talented group of women.
The visual artists are Janice Anderson, Mary Baldwin, Sadee Brathwaite, Gladys Grauer, Diana Jensen, Tara Lamourt, Ade Tugbiyele Sedita, Toni Thomas and Bisa Washington. The featured poets are Elaine Lee and Esther Morales.

The women in this exhibit represent over 25 years experience in the arts with some extraordinarily talented artists on the cutting edge of the visual arts scene in this area. This diverse group of visual artists, writers and poets come together each month to share and nurture their artistic practices. They have created a contemporary art community for women that is positive, nurturing and non-competitive.

The exhibit at Newark Art Supply on 61 Halsey St. (on the corner of New St) in downtown Newark opens Monday July 7 and runs through Thursday July 31, 2008. Works can be viewed Monday – Friday from 9 AM - 7 PM and 9 AM -5 PM on Saturday. Opening reception is Saturday July 12 from 6-8 PM with poetry readings starting at 7 PM.